If thoughts can be persecuted and silence cannot protect you, why not speak up and take a stand?
Dear readers, After writing this newsletter for more than two years, I found the name of this newsletter boring. Many of you know that "Confucius Never…
SVB invested too much of its capital in U.S. government-backed bonds and then became a victim of the government’s irresponsible policies.
The journey from being discriminated against to being respected and acknowledged took a century
Congress has a moral obligation to investigate the origin of Covid-19 and hold those who intentionally misguided us accountable.
No American should feel that going on a hunger strike is his only option amidst the government’s abuse of power.
"All gave some, and some gave all."
We, the living, owe it to those victims of communism not to forget them and treat their deaths as mere statistics.

February 2023

The Chinese government is ramping up its persecution of Christians in China.
The crisis of Canadian and Britain's govern-run healthcare programs should serve as an unmistakable warning to American voters.
"[t]he Constitution is so simple and so strong that all a man has to do is to obey it and do his best, and he gets along." -- President Grover Cleveland
Life is full of surprises, and sometimes the most vulnerable and helpless among us are also the most resilient.