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Thanks for this post you shared on this “Big Brother Watching You” aspect of living in Communist China. As I’ve mentioned before, I lived in Tianjin, PR China 2012-2020 mostly under Xi Jinping. Starting around 2016, I watched as the govt. tore up streets and sidewalks to install so many utility poles that in a short time held “surveillance” cameras meant to monitor all outdoor activity virtually everywhere in a city of 16 million souls. They were installed in every apt. complex as well, so in theory you only had “privacy” while inside your home, but I always thought that it wasn’t even safe there. American citizens have absolutely no concept of what living like that feels like, and I pray that as a nation we never have to find out. George Orwell had a saying in 1984 that goes something like this; “The only thing that was your own was the few centimeters inside your skull.” As a former American expat, right now I fear ever returning to Tianjin with my Chinese wife, Yirong, who has retained her Chinese citizenship and has a green card here. 😢

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BTW, I purchased your book some time back through Amazon, hard copy, and thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. One question; Do you think it’s still totally relevant in light of the huge change in our national leadership? I feel strongly that Xi Jinping feels emboldened by the obvious weakness of America, and Xi’s open lecturing of the puppet Trudeau? Xi and his CCP seem to be able to do any darn thing they want, and never fear having to face any consequences for their egregious crimes against humanity! Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

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Nov 17, 2022Liked by Helen Raleigh

What a horrible, inhumane system it is, where the government spies on you 24//7 and any slip-up on your part could cost you your promotion, your job, your ability to buy a house or a car, get your child into a good school, or take a vacation. You'd constantly worry and resent being under the government's thumb.

You'd be like a bug under the government's microscope. Or like a lion in a circus tent where the government is the lion tamer, holding a whip, and punishing you if you don't obey.

The CCP's social credit system is ”1984” on steroids, as you point out. The Chinese Communists have turned mass suppression into a dark art.

The communists have no regard at all for our natural rights as humans, if they're even aware of the concept. The communists want everyone to serve the state, i.e., to serve Xi Xinping and the Communist Party. It's an evil system that's diametrically opposed to the Enlightenment views of America's founders.

It's encouraging that some Chinese people are so sick and tired of the draconian Covid lockdowns that they're protesting in the streets. Human beings aren't slaves the government can kick around indefinitely without facing a backlash – even though the government has all the guns. I hope the mass protests force the CCP to relent.

Helen, thanks for that excerpt from your fine book, “Backlash.” I read it a while back, and it was an eye-opener.

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