I loved your article Helen, you really get right to the point; “Actions speak way louder than words”

It’s my strong belief that the Democrats are in reality, simply Communists. They can’t come out and call themselves “Socialists,” because it turns people off. So they picked a new label for themselves; “Progressives.” But they never let the cat out of the bag, and openly say just what they’re “Progressing” to? God bless all that you continue to do. I’m sorry to read of all the losses in your family due to this disease they call Communism.

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Terrific article, Helen. Communism is an evil ideology that treats the individual as worthless, and the Party, which rules and controls the people, as all good.

The communists outlaw free speech, and especially any speech that doesn’t toe the party line. Meanwhile, the Democrats want to dictate how you cook your food, heat your home, power your car, educate your kids, receive medical care, and on and on. And if they don’t like how you think, they want to cancel you.

How is that Democratic mania to control very different, in substance, from communism? Scratch a leftist and you’ll find a totalitarian every time.

The truth is that communism has nothing to do with race. The Democrats are two-faced, as you say. Because while they claim that criticizing communism is “racist,” they are fine with discriminating against Asian students in college admissions or denying them the National Merit Scholarships they’ve rightfully earned through their talent and hard work.

Why are the Democrats more concerned with protecting the phony image of communism than with protecting the rights of Asian students? It’s because the leftist Democrats and communists are totalitarian birds of a feather.

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