The people you quoted (the Founders) wanted all people to assimilate, but there were a lot of walls put up for people who CAME like the Irish and the Chinese. For some people BROUGHT here it was illegal for them to assimilate: e.g. slaves. Washington, Jefferson, and Madison actually owned slaves which (who?) could not assimilate and become citizens - regardless of what those three wrote.

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Our founders were imperfect and didn't always live up to their ideals. Their flaws shouldn't diminish the extraordinary founding principles they endowed upon us and the ideas that conceived this nation. If we are only allowed to appreciate ideas uttered by flawless individuals, we should listen to no one and read nothing. 

We shouldn't deny that America has tried to live up to its founding principles, including fighting a bloody Civil War. We are still far from fulfilling these lofty ideals; all we can do is keep trying to be better each day.

A final thought on assimilation: I learned through my own experience as an immigrant that assimilation is also a personal choice. Then and now, regardless of challenges, many immigrants did choose to overcome obstacles, learn English and the American culture, and eventually themselves and the culture elements they brough with them all have become part of the integral fabric of America.

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Jun 2, 2023Liked by Helen Raleigh

I agree with you completely.

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